Businesses large and small understand the importance of SEO for their Web sites. Being able to rank high in Google and other search engines means they will get more visibility, which can lead to more traffic and potentially more sales. However, the expense that is attached to SEO efforts is sometimes believed to be too much. The case with a lot of businesses, especially smaller ones, is that they feel they can replace an expensive SEO firm.

There’s plenty of information on the World Wide Web that discusses SEO tactics. This creates a false sense that they can do it themselves. They believe that in doing so, they will cut costs and still get the same results. Aside from having the knowledge of SEO, having the time to implement all of the necessary components for a successful campaign is a whole other ballgame. A lot of business owners don’t have the time to do all of this on their own, which leads to a failing SEO campaign.

In the end, this is actually more expensive than any SEO firm. When you can’t get the traffic you need, your sales plummet and your business goes down the drain. What good is a business if it isn’t making money, or worse, it shuts down?

SEO Campaigns Take a Lot of Work

One of the main reasons SEO is expensive is because of all the work that’s involved. It takes a lot of research, planning and implementation on behalf of SEO experts. This process takes time, as well as lots of skills. In order to tap into this, it’s going to cost a lot of money. Although there are some SEO companies that charge a pretty penny for their services, not all of them have out of the ballpark figures.

If you’re not careful, you could end up hiring an SEO firm that is mediocre, offering subpar services. Some simply insert targeted keywords into an automated software that pumps out links throughout the Web. This may get your site ranked for a couple of weeks, but it will then drop down to the 20th page or beyond. Then there are those that charge very low rates for their services, typically those overseas. The return you get on your investment is minimal or non-existent. This can put a huge damper in the faith businesses have in SEO firms, which can also lead them to attempting to achieve SEO results on their own. So the SEO company that you hire must have proven capabilities and a great track record of success. Otherwise, you could just be wasting your money.

What a Successful SEO Campaign Looks Like

To help you identify an SEO firm that is worth the money, here is what you can expect to take place.

First, you will meet or speak with an SEO expert about your business’s goals. Your account will then be set up and your Web site backed up for safety purposes. Then a monthly schedule is determined. This will detail precisely what needs to be done, how often and when. This is a strategic process that requires special planning to be done correctly.

An audit of your Web site is performed to determine what needs to be done beforehand. This sets the terms for what has to be implemented into your site for it to do better in search engine results. It may be choosing better keywords, changing the keyword densities or updating the content more regularly. Certain pages and content may also need to be removed if it is found to be causing harm to your site’s ranking.

During the audit, all of the links, plug-ins and features are tested to ensure that they are working properly. This is a technical matter that must be handled by professionals with experience. The expert will be able to pinpoint any technical issues that Google may have problems with when analyzing your site’s content. This process can take several days to complete. Each and every minuscule detail is analyzed, including Web page titles, meta tags and meta descriptions. Even the download speed of your Web pages are evaluated. Lastly, the structure and navigation of your site are checked to ensure they are efficient.

Next, the quality of your backlinks, if any, are analyzed. If there are too many backlinks from low-quality sources, these will need to be removed. They can negatively impact your rank. A low-quality source is one that isn’t relevant to your industry or that isn’t popular. Even the hosting service provider for your Web site will be evaluated to see if there are frequent downtimes for your site or if there are security flaws that could lead to your site being hacked. If this is so, then even the best SEO efforts won’t be able to save your site.

A report is provided to you with all of the information found during the Web site audit. The next step is to begin keyword research to determine which would be best for your particular campaign. You can suggest keywords, but before being put to use, they have to be tested and analyzed by SEO experts to see if they are being used by your target customer. An analysis of your competitors is also performed to see what keywords they’re using. If there is too much competition for the keywords you desire, then it will be difficult to rank highly for them.

An SEO professional will instead look for similar niche keywords that have lower competition and are used by your prospects. Once all of this has been completed, backlinks will be created for your Web site that our biggest competitors are using. Then updating your site with the same keywords and creating fresh content using those keywords will also be done.

With all of the tasks required for a successful SEO campaign, it’s no wonder why there’s a hefty price tag attached. There are many different specialists and skillsets required to complete the job. The results you get from working with an experienced firm with a great track record makes every penny worth spending.