In the small business arena, being conscious of how you’re spending your money is important. You can’t afford to spend money on things that won’t yield a return on investment. With that mindset, it’s common for Web site owners to outsource to other countries. Outsourcing is a concept that a lot of businesses use because it is more cost-effective for the short-term. But when it comes to SEO, which is a long-term initiative, outsourcing to other countries can prove to be detrimental to your company.

Outsourcing SEO tasks to another country comes with many risks that just aren’t worth it. Even if they are charging you well-below industry rates for their services. Majority of the time, you will get a service that doesn’t yield you a return on investment, or worse, ends up costing you even more money. Here’s a closer look into the disadvantages associated with hiring professionals from another country.

Security is a Major Concern

In order for an SEO professional to do work on your Web site, he or she has to be given confidential Web site credentials to gain access. Handing out this information to someone you’ve never met and who lives across seas puts your site at a security risk. You can never really know if the individual is who he says he is. In reality, they could be a hacker prowling on unsuspecting Web site owners who are looking to cut financial corners.

If something were to occur, such as a hacking or security breach, what can you do? The individuals you hired are well outside of the jurisdiction of the U.S., which means you won’t be able to get proper legal recourse, at least not without paying a hefty price. And if you weren’t willing to spend that money on quality local SEO services, chances are you won’t do it in this case. On that note, you’d be forced to move on, and possibly start back over from scratch.

The SEO Methods They Use may be Improper

There are many different philosophies surrounding how SEO should be done. What one SEO firm does may be completely different than the next. However, the ones that come out on top are the ones you need to be vying for. The SEO methods that are being used by SEO companies in India, Philippines and other countries are typically wrong or outdated. You don’t want to risk having black hat SEO tactics being used on your Web site because this could lead to your site being penalized by Google. If your Web site ends up getting banned or blacklisted, it will take months or even years to resolve the problem. This is an issue that’s easy to get into but difficult to get out of. It can also prove to be rather costly.

Worst case scenario, you’ll have to start over from scratch, which means more time and money will have to be spent. The smarter move would be to invest the money necessary to ensure that your Web site is optimized appropriately and without problems arising. Too many small businesses witness a downgrading of their site ranking when they outsource SEO to other countries. Don’t make the same mistake!

Communication Barriers Can Be Problematic

When you decide to work with a professional from another country that doesn’t have English as their first language, you are bound to run into issues with communication. Without proper communication, all sorts of additional problems can arise. As you’re trying to explain things to the other party, they may misunderstand what you mean and do something completely different. In most cases, you will still have to spend money on the time they spent doing the wrong thing. After all, services aren’t free and time is a commodity that isn’t easy to come by.

Accents, pronunciation and diction aren’t the only issues you have to worry about. This is where vocabulary comes into play, which can lead to the misunderstanding of instructions talked about earlier. Another problem is that you may not even be talking to the individuals who will be working on your Web site. A lot of the time, there is a manager of accounts that you speak with who then relays information to the actual “talent”. Or worse, you are directed to a hotline where you speak to a machine because you are calling during their off hours. Time zones are different there, making it difficult to be awake at the same times they are.

Dealing with a process like this one can be frustrating for anyone. It can make your entire SEO campaign inefficient. The money wasted on such services isn’t worth it, especially since it can lead to your Web site performing poorly.

Even More Reason to Hire a Local SEO Firm

There are many great benefits to hiring an SEO company within the U.S. For one, you get to meet or speak with professionals who can break down their process beforehand. The communication is wide open, allowing you to have better understanding of everything. This leaves little room for costly mistakes.

Local SEO firms are also more likely to have a solid track record for helping businesses in your niche. It’s a good idea to do your due diligence to determine whether a particular SEO company has had clients similar to you and how well their campaigns performed. This can be a big indicator for whether you should hire them or not.

Although the cost for hiring local SEO companies is significantly more, the results you receive in return make it well-worth it. It’s never a good idea to base your search for SEO experts on price alone. There are more factors to consider when choosing. It’s important to keep the above points in mind when deciding on a firm to hire for your site’s SEO. Taking precautions to ensure that you will get the highest quality service will increase your chances of having an outcome that is favorable.